Top 100 selling games of the last 12 months

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Mario has put together a list of the top selling games (US and EU) over the last 12 months which has some suprises nestled in it.

I am mostly interested in the top 10 which is made up of the following

10. Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS… This bizarre little game has sold 4 million copies over the last 12 months and is a huge money maker for Nintendo.

9. Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo takes another of the spots with one of Mario’s best ever incarnations.. selling 4.1m

8. Ubisoft will be happy to Assassin’s Creed coming in at number 8 even before the PC version was released… AC sold 4.9m copies…

7. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Nintendo takes another spot and millions of gamers cry in the knowledge that this means the Pokemon are not going away anytime soon. 5m units

6. Need for Speed: ProStreet… EA will be happy, I really didn’t like this game though.. Obviously I am in the minority since it sold 5.4 million copies

5. Madden NFL, EA takes it’s second spot with the game I am dying to play. It does show us how strong the US buying power is though since this moved 5.7 million copies.

4. FIFA 2008: Three in a row from EA, 2008 is easily the best FIFA for a while and the sales have proven it by selling 5.7 million as well.

Now we get to the pointy end of the charts….. Coming in at number 3 is

3. Guitar Hero III… are you suprised? I am, this game is easily the most expensive (when you get the guitar as well) in the list and has raked in a whopping 7.5 million copies sold…. not bad for a silly little plastic guitar game…

2. Halo 3… with total sales of 8 million you have to respect the Halo juggernaut.

1. Call of Duty 4, So Activision has 3 titles in the top 3… beers all round at their offices. COD4 has shipped 8.3 million copies but it does have to be noted that COD4 was released on 4 platforms while Halo 3 was a pure 360 exclusive…

So that’s that… Expect to see sequels of every title in this list, even Halo.

THE TOP 100 SELLING GAMES OF THE LAST 12 MONTHS: Page 10 : Next Generation – Interactive Entertainment Today, Video Game and Industry News – Home of Edge Online

Last Updated: April 11, 2008

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