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Toshiba announces a new competitor to Blu-Ray

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Who wants Blu-Ray

So who though that Toshiba was going to back out quietly from the HD war after Blu-Ray trounced HD-DVD? Well while that may be the best idea it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

Toshiba have just announced their new attack, super upscaling chips that will upscale a normal DVD to full 1080p quality. So no more worrying about having to get rid of your old collection or moving over to new formats, all you need to do is buy a TV with the new upscaling chip and your done…

Which I guess means we can upscale normal TV to HD as well, I am sure Multi-choice will be thrilled to hear how much money they can save now..

So how fantastic does this technology sound… well the downside is that it doesn’t seem to work… While it does improve the quality of a normal DVD it doesn’t reach the quality of a Blu-Ray disc, and how could it really when we are missing all of those pixels in between?

Toshiba must know this and therefore I can only presume they have something else in their master plan, spreading confusion about Blu-Ray to stop it becoming a standard and to allow them to get their next optical disc out first?

Follow the link for the initial report and to hear what it’s like when press conferences go bad..

Source: TechDigest.tv

Last Updated: June 18, 2008

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