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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will launch into 1.0 this year

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Last year, while browsing through the Early Access section of the Steam store, I was blessed with the discovery of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. A game that revels in its own wonky physics and, quite frankly, questionable accuracy, to deliver a “tactics” game that’s utterly hilarious to watch. The wide range of factions, classes and individual units combined with the freedom to pair them up in whatever way you see fit has lead to some thoroughly entertaining and some of the most strangely tense AI battles I’ve encountered in recent years. TABS has grown a great deal through the various stages of pre-alpha, alpha and Early Access that its been sitting in for months now, but come the end of 2020 the game will officially launch into 1.0.


Developers Landfall have released a new roadmap for the TAB’s development which has extended the official release from the third quarter of this year back into the last quarter, so I suppose it’s a very small delay all things considered. The roadmap teases new units, the return of a beloved map and a new faction that’s being saved for the final release of the game. Once the game properly launches into 1.0, players can look forward to the arrival of Hero Units, ports to other consoles including PS4 and Switch and possibly more post-launch content updates in 2021.


I dipped into TABS back when the game was still pretty fresh in early access. You can read my preview of the game here but without just straight quoting myself (because I’m not that much of a narcissist) it’s an utterly hilarious experience that has far more strategic depth than you might think upon first glancing at its googly-eyed combatants. 

Last Updated: July 9, 2020

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