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Toughen up your Metal Gear Solid V experience on PC with this hardcore mod

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Bar some tough missions here and there, Metal Gear Solid V is actually quite an easy game – depending on how you play of course, and if you couldn’t care less about rankings. Ever found yourself on the receiving end of a hundred angry soldiers? That’s child’s play… call in an attack chopper and an airstrike to help you mop up all the enemies. That, or you could hide away in a stealthy cardboard box while Quiet does all the hard work.

The Phantom Pain is all about choice really – it’s up to the player to decide how hard they want to make the whole experience. What about those diehard veterans though, who have already switched off reflex mode, and finished the game with nothing more than the water pistol? Surely there must be something else they can do to dial the difficulty up even further?

There is some kind of solution, at least for those playing on PC. This HARDCORE Mod will apply the following to the game to make the odds slightly more unfavourable for Big Boss (via Destructoid):

  • Increases enemy hearing and vision ranges approx 50%
  • Adds additional benefits to utilizing weather and camouflage during stealth.
  • Decreases enemy knockout time by about 25%
  • Increases bullet damage by roughly x2.5 default.
  • Decreases ammo and item capacities by around half default.
  • Changes the empty magazine gadget from unlimited uses to 10 uses (can be restocked by calling in a resupply)

The big one there, for me at least, is making enemies more alert. Just yesterday for example, I chose to do a mission during daytime, and I was gobsmacked when I ran past an enemy (a reasonable distance away) who chose to ignore me completely. While the AI in MGSV is genuinely quite impressive, that experience was quite surprising.

Still, that sort of thing seldom happens… I’m fine with the way the game is in its current form. For those who want a tougher experience though, at least this kind of mod exists to toughen the challenge up.

Last Updated: September 29, 2015

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