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Tracer is my new favourite Overwatch character

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Blizzard has been churning out a lot of coverage for their squad-based multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, over the past few weeks. We’ve already had a good look at a handful of characters in action, and so far they all look delightfully unique. Zenyatta looked particularly interesting, but that’s up until I got a good look at Overwatch’s most intriguing character – the British, time-warping heroine Tracer.

Known as Lena Oxton of London before a mysterious plane accident granted her time-twisting powers, Tracer is an energetic, extremely difficult character to lock down in a firefight. She’s able to manipulate time – by either rewinding it and gaining previously owned heath and ammunition, or by bursting forward in a flash to gain new positional advantages.

She’s a sort of teleporter in every sense of the word, and used in the right hands could be an absolutely unstoppable force in the match. Her powers are limited by some cooldowns, and it does seems that the correct strategy is required when using her seemingly overpowered abilities. Tracer is extremely fragile, so too much damage will wipe you from the map in a heartbeat. Knowing when to get out (and misdirecting engagements) seems to be her game – rather than straight up damage from the front.

If her charming voice-overs and rather great design haven’t won you over, then I’m not entirely sure what will. Thankfully Overwatch as a robust roster of varying characters – which we’ll all get to play in a beta later this year.

Last Updated: May 28, 2015

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