Treyarch insists COD5 is better than COD4

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Treyarch insists COD5 is better than COD4 2

You just know this is one of those comments that is going to come back and haunt Treyarch for the life of COD5.

According to Noah Heller a senior producer over at Treyarch

“(COD5)feels much better than any Call of Duty I’ve had a chance to play”

Now we are presuming here but I think it is very safe to assume that he has played COD4 and obviously this then means he thinks COD5 feels better than COD4.

Unfortunately in my personal opinion he is wrong, COD5 may be as good as COD4 and the more I play it the more I enjoy it.. but it doesn’t feel better. Actually it feels worse, it has more things in it which makes it compete on an even standing but the actual gameplay is missing that wow factor that COD4 has.

I do think though that they are very very close to having created a worthy successor to COD4 and can easily tweak the game after this Beta to beat COD4 but at this point in time I have to say that COD4 keeps it’s crown.


Last Updated: October 21, 2008

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