Treyarch should maybe stop talking?

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Call of Duty 5

I am starting to get the feeling that Treyarch is panicking, I don’t know if it’s just from how their comments are being reported or my original worry about going back to WWII rearing it’s ugly head.

But I do actually think it’s more about how their comments are being reported, example A

According to Noah Heller from Treyarch

“There’s a lot of competition this year, but I feel very strongly we have the best shooter this Christmas”

Which is a fair enough comment to make and why wouldn’t you think your product was the best, however the lead line from is

“Call of Duty: World at War will beat Gears of War and Resistance 2, insists developer”

Which while factually correct puts the comments in an entirely different light and smacks of arrogance.

In my personal opinion Call of Duty 5 is not going to beat the 9.5 of Resistance 2 nor will it compete with the complete mania that will follow Gears of War 2, it is going to be the perfect replacement for Call of Duty 4 though and will do very well.

If I worked for Treyarch I would be telling the guys to stop talking to the media right now and let their game do the talking.

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Last Updated: October 29, 2008

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