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Troll deletes 11-year-old Destiny player’s characters

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Think of the children

Destiny had so much potential, much like a child – it could have grown up to be anything, but thanks to some early disappointments, it just doesn’t have the same support it once did. I have no idea where I’m going with this metaphor, but this story includes Destiny, a child, and great disappointment and heartbreak.

Henry was an avid Destiny player, despite the 16/Teen rating. Obviously his parents thought he was mature enough to handle the game’s content and violence. Unfortunately, he wasn’t mature enough to know about trolls on the internet. Henry had not one but three Destiny characters, one for each of the game’s character classes; ranked level 23, 26 and 31, it’s clear that he cared a great deal about the game and his various creations. Of course, it’s all about leveling up and getting cool gear, something that often includes glitches or “cheesing” to move up in Destiny.

So when Henry heard about a new glitch, he was eager to see it in action. He told his Twitch viewers that he was giving control of his game to a friend – PSN user KirmitTHEfrog. This was someone that had contacted Henry in the past, an online friend of a real-life friend that Henry had played with and who had earned his trust. Such is the way Destiny friends are added.

Here is a video that is about as interesting as you might imagine an 11-year-old’s Destiny stream would be. He is mostly silent as he figures out how to let his “friend” use Share Play on his account. Of course, things get far worse for the kid. The consequences of talking to strangers are all too devastating as he watches his so-called friend delete his gear and characters. Upon restarting his PS4 he is able to assess the damage and see his characters are gone. All we are left with at the end of the video is the sound of a child sobbing.

Unfortunately, Bungie can’t help on this matter. They have an established policy that they don’t want to break – because the troll was legitimately given control of Henry’s console, technically no wrongdoing was done. Of course this is an awful situation and Bungie has reminded people to be careful who they Share Play with – even the PSN user KirmitTHEfrog who did this to poor Henry might have been a victim himself.

It’s all a rather distressing situation for the boy, although he is still playing Destiny with his friends and building himself back up. Still, it’s simply despicable that someone would troll a child (or anyone naive enough to Share Play with a stranger) to this degree. This goes far beyond having a good time and is a blight on the gaming community. Of course, like phishing scams and other activities, it’s here to stay. I suppose this is yet another reason for parental guidance when children are playing, especially if they’re playing with strangers online.

Last Updated: February 23, 2015

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