Trophy’s to be mandatory soon

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Whether you like them or not Achievements have become an integral part of Xbox 360 gaming and even now it feels odd that I don’t get my little reward when I complete some really hard stage in a PC game or on my DS.

The PS3 has addressed this by adding Trophies to their system but for now they are completely optional to developers, however it seems that may soon be changing and Sony will start enforcing that all new games have Trophy support built in as standard.

So far this is a rumour from a forum posting by a Capcom employee, but I am sure he/she knows more about the inner workings of the PS3 software than we do so I am going to bow to his superior knowledge on this one.

This is good news in my books as some sort of consistency is required otherwise the Trophies start to lose their appeal.

Source: PS3Fanboy

Last Updated: September 23, 2008

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