Try not to crap your pants in this game

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don't crap

Oh man. I gotta go. I really, really got to go. But first, I need to type this post about going. The meta is getting to me man. The turtle is poking his head out. The groundhog is looking for his shadow. EUPHEMISMS! DAMMIT!

Some games ask you to save the day. Others ask you to shoot anything with a pulse. Hell, some games have you racing around tracks in a desperate attempt to be number one. But only Don’t Shit Your Pants is willing to be a number two game. Or all about number two, to be exact. It’s a simple enough premise. Basically…don’t shit your pants.

It’s survival horror taken to the foul-smelling extreme, a real-world scenario that we’ve all experienced. Nothing is more frightening than clenching your buttocks in a desperate bid to avoid dropping the kids off at the pool. So go on, click through the link and prepare yourself for the rear-tingling suspense that is…Don’t Shit Your Pants.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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