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Tune in here for the EA press conference

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Gamescom is kicking off for real in just a few short hours, and we have our Porra Rangers on the ground, playing all the things and talking to all the people. Okay, they’re only talking to those people who don’t already have restraining orders, but that’s okay! Today is the EA press conference and you can watch all the sports and mobile action right here.

Battlefront screenshot

Yes, there will probably be far too much time spent on minions and whatever other mobile abomination they are promoting. Also, expect a ton of time spent on the sports – while they might not be my personal favorites, they are the top sellers for EA, so we can expect them to get a ton of loving at the press conference.

Meanwhile, I will be keeping a keen eye out for all things Mirror’s Edge, Battlefront and Unravel. I’d love to say that I’m excited to see things from Mass Effect, but I don’t want to build up my anticipation only to be let down.

Want to watch the EA press conference? Of course you do! You can do so via Twitch right here:

Watch live video from EA on www.twitch.tv

Or, if your Twitch experience isn’t great, you can also try to view it here. Or here:

Which titles are you most amped to see? Are you hoping for some big FIFA news, or are you just keeping an eye out for some Yarny loving? I just hope you all brought a change of pants to work for when that Battlefront footage is shown.

Last Updated: August 5, 2015

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