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Tune in to Tuks FM now for the Gaming Platform

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These weeks seem to be going far too fast. We are racing towards the end of the year, and every time we get to Tuesday I suddenly realize that we’ve started a new week. Yes, I’m behind the times. But Tuks FM isn’t – they’re up to date and ready to chat.

That’s right, it’s time to tune in to 107.2 or head on over to this stream and listen to Nick and not Quintus (he’s writing exams) talk about all things gaming. The hour from 3-4 always seems to go so quickly.

It was really nice last week to see how many people sent in text messages – some to be trolls and some to just contribute to the discussion. So, feel free to text the guys at 34996 and make your opinions heard.

Just having this weekly show has totally converted me to Tuks FM. Their music is so much better than other radio stations, I’m impressed. However, reception proves the direction of the Boerewors curtain – I had excellent reception in Pretoria (obviously) and when I ventured into ‘the Vale,’ but beyond that? White noise. 

Then again, I have an awesome streaming connection – does that mean that the internet is behind the curtain?

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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