TV Games by The Kiffness

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Remember the first time you heard a Die Antwoord song and instantly wondered WTF that was and why does it exist?

Well prepare for that experience to be repeated, I received a video in my email this morning for the song TV Games by The Kiffness.

Now I had no idea who The Kiffness was but a quick Internet search confirmed that it is in fact a local band, DJ, thing… who appears to be relatively popular in some subsection of society.

The video below was put together by his brother and well, it’s an experience. I’m still not sure if it’s a good experience or not but I am utterly convinced that I won’t be forgetting this anytime soon.

So knowing that the guy who made the video is most probably reading what you say here as he emailed us about it, why not take this moment to let him know exactly how you feel?

What is awesome? What sucks? And what can be done to turn this into the greatest thing since Stiffler’s mom?

Oh and if you want to hear more from The Kiffness then they have some samples on their website and to be honest I’m really enjoying listening to it right now.

Last Updated: March 15, 2012

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