Ubisoft announces exclusive “PowerUp Heroes” For Xbox 360

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You’ve probably always wanted to physically fight things that weren’t actually there, which is why you bought Ubisoft’s Fighters Uncaged. And because you bought Fighters Uncaged (*snigger*) , you’d know what a horrible mess it was, with unresponsive controls, no multiplayer – a sin for fighting games – and all the fun of being strung up by your nipples and electrocuted to death.

This is their chance to atone for that. Ubisoft has announced PowerUp Heroes, a Kinect brawler that allows you to pit your avatar against your mates, either on or offline – using your whole body as your weapon. What makes it a little interesting is the suits in the game, that turn you in a super-hero. Winning battles nets you XP and your fallen foe’s suit abilities, which you can then use to customise your gear for the next battle. I know, I know..a Kinect avatar game just reeks of shovelware made to capture the wallets of the mass market gamer – but this could actually be pretty could if – and it’s a pretty big if – the Kinect controls are implemented properly.

There’s a video after the jump that shows how it all works. Put your cynicism aside for a bit..it might just be cool. Maybe. Plus, it looks like you can totally live out your fantasy of throwing fireballs, Street Fighter style.

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Guys? Hey guys, where’d you go?

Last Updated: April 13, 2011

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