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Ubisoft CEO sees Sony's console lead weakening

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Yet another person has come out and complained about the price of the Sony PS3.

This time it’s the CEO of Ubisoft… Yeah the huge development house behind the Tom Clancy series of games…

Sony Corp. risks losing its iron grip on the game console market with its new PlayStation 3 and needs to significantly lower the price on its high-end machine to woo buyers, Ubisoft Entertainment’s (UBIP.PA: Quote, Profile, Research chief executive said on Wednesday.

They seem to still expect the PS3 to win this war but by a much smaller margin.

Yves Guilemot goes on to say that there is still no must have title for the PS3 and that is harming it’s ability to sell consoles, Ubisoft have promised to release a PS3 exclusive in Europe but declined to reveal its name at present.

At the same time Ubisoft are making a tidy profit because it released titles for the Wii early into its lifespan. Since every single Wii that hits the shelves is snapped up this was a good gamble to take…

Hopefully we start seeing some really good news coming out of Sony tomorrow as I don’t think they can keep taking hits like this…

Source: Ubisoft CEO sees Sony’s console lead weakening | Technology | Reuters

Last Updated: May 17, 2007

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