Ubisoft: Gamers want open, online worlds

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Ubisoft is treating games like a children’s playground – they’re just not complete without a sandbox.  In fact, Ubisoft is convinced that open worlds are what gamers really want – just look at their upcoming titles like ACIV, Watch Dogs, The Division, Far Cry 3 and The Crew!  But they also want you to be always-online.

The editorial department at Ubisoft meets with each studio to guide their direction and game play.  Studios still have creative control, but there is definitely an over-riding influence from the editorial department – and they push for sandbox and open world.  Julian Gerighty, creative director for The Crew, explains that living worlds are the future of gaming, but that they will require some upgrades by gamers:

“When the 360 and PS3 came out, I still had a cathode ray tube TV at home.  I upgraded to an HD TV for that generation. This generation for me is always going to be about this seamless online and what better way to make that live than open world games.”

Gerighty says that gamers will become less reluctant about always being connected while gaming.  Over time, he says that players will get more used to the idea and it will just become a standard feature in games.  I suppose now we know who was pushing Microsoft for the always online aspect.

So, it’s time for gamers to stop complaining about games that are always online.  With upgrading to next-gen consoles, we need to upgrade to next-gen internet.  Although for me, that means I’ll need to start toyitoying outside my complex – no service delivery or infrastructure here!

Last Updated: July 19, 2013

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