Ubisoft jumps the gun and releases Shape Up for Kinect trailer

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And what appears to be the first premature trailer has hit the net and I hate to break it to you all but it’s another Kinect fitness game.

Shape Up is billed as the Kinect fitness game that you are going to want to do because all the fitness moves revolve around games and as such it doesn’t feel like working out.

We were just chatting in the group Skype about what we didn’t want to see at E3 this year and not 10 minutes ago I posted

“ I’m really hoping we get some brand new IP that isn’t related to the Kinect at all”

Well there goes my hopes and dreams.

But yes I’ll likely buy this and try lose weight again, the idea of eating right and properly exercising just sounds like too much hard work to be a real option.

No surprise that this looks like an Xbox One exclusive and I’m pretty sure this is not how Microsoft wanted to start this gamers E3 2014

Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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