Ubisoft shed light on The Division’s ‘Dark Zone’ at E3

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The Division has been public knowledge for a long time now. Finer details on the game though, have been pretty scarce. Now, at Ubisoft’s E3 conference, gameplay of what is known as ‘The Dark Zone’ has surfaced.

Ryan Barnard, the Game Director, is on stage to introduce this new gameplay trailer. Check it out…

The video shows the players entering this dark zone area, all the while showcasing what a snow covered mess Manhattan is. It isn’t long before they run into trouble.

Again, much like the very first reveal, I’m gobsmacked at how fluid and natural the dialogue is amidst all the gunplay that takes place. These people talk to each other naturally, as if the conversation is perfectly real. I’m still not sold on the game personally, but it does certainly look interesting.

For the first time ever, The Division is playable at E3. Our team in the States will likely have a hand-on preview in the near future. In other awesome news, the game will be released simultaneously on every console, on March 8 2016.

Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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