Ultra HD by 2011

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Dutch website XGB is reporting that Ultra HD which has been in development for several years might hit the market as soon as 2011 or earlier.

Phillips’ senior marketting director Dann Tack says that the technology may be available in Japan by as early as next year with the use of upscaled Blu-Ray discs. This crazy new version of HD is said to run at the resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels. That’s four times more than current HD!

But the question is, is the market even remotely ready for something like this?

With Blu-Ray sales already looking rough and many people in the market not feeling the need to upgrade from DVD, something like this feels fairly pointless. It’s good to push the marker, but we will be lucky if current HD technology has even been fully accepted into the masses homes by 2011.

I think that the technology is moving too fast for it’s own good and while it is always good to push the boundaries of technology, I fear that this extra leap is unnecessary and will probably struggle to get itself into the market.

source: XGM (translated) via N4G

Last Updated: May 27, 2008

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