Unboxing the SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism gaming headset

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Rawr in the box

Oh look, we got sent more presents. Okay, it’s not really a present if you don’t get to keep the object forever, but at least I get that joy of opening the box. Watch me do it and see what’s inside.

Here is my latest unboxing video, this time for the SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism. It’s ridiculously lightweight and won’t hurt your wallet too much, either. Here, watch me figure out how to unbox it without breaking things.

For those who are wondering, yes – my nails are jewels not tools. Oh, that’s not what you were wondering about? Well, here’s the headset and we will be doing a review for you ASAP. Also, you may notice that my cats actually stayed out of this video this time. That’s why I just had to give you one in the header.

Any other toys that you’d still like to see us take out of boxes and review? Remember that all you need to do is ask and we will happily pester distributors for review units. Also, I really need a new keyboard, so please request a shiny new one for me for review. Please?

Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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