Uncharted 3 multiplayer footage

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So yesterday we saw some new Gears of War footage and now it’s time for the PS3’s exclusive shooter to show itself.

The game’s got an awesome German commentator, or he’s talking about something else but either way it’s a dead give away this footage was from Gamescom earlier this month and shows a multiplayer map in an abandoned town in the desert which includes a free random dust storm.

On the good side the verticality of this game is incredible and adds an awesome extra dimension to the gameplay but then on the bad side it annoys me to see the guy jumping off buildings and not getting hurt.

The website I saw this on warns of spoilers but I can’t see them, but I’ve passed on the warning. Maybe it’s something the guy says but for all I know he’s just ambient noise from the porn movie next door.

Source: Gamingbolt

Last Updated: August 30, 2011

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