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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Treasure Guide

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Happy Uncharted day! For fans of the series, Uncharted has always been about forging a friendship, shooting random South African mercenaries and pilfering whatever treasures could be found. So sort of like a homicidal kleptomaniac version of Indiana Jones then. There’s quite a few treasures to uncover in Uncharted 4. Everything from Scottish guns with euphematastic names to your regular trinkets that number over a hundred strong.

And finding them is going to take quite a while, we’ve got the first ten chapters sorted, with links in each title leading back to this PowerPyx video that is filled with locations to more than just treasures. CTRL+F is your friend, so if you’re stuck looking for a certain treasure, hit that command prompt and watch the guide. Needless to say, there be plenty of spoilers ahead. I’ll update this post as soon as my fingers start responding to stimuli again.

Chapter 2

  • Panamanian Cat – After the prison guard has brought you outside, go towards the rope that you’re meant to pick up. You’ll see a hole in the ground, with the first treasure hidden there.
  • Navaja Folding Knife – In the old tower that you have to climb, look behind the pillar when you enter for a table with a note on it. Pull some rubble out of the room and you’ll grab the knife.

Chapter 3

  • Antique Padlock – Swim to the right as the mission starts, and look under a broken tree trunk in the water.
  • Chiriqui Shark Trinket – From the antique padlock treasure, hug the wall to the right and swim on until you find a cave that houses the shark trinket.
  • Antique Pocketwatch – After you find the container, swim to the right and look behind some seaweed to find the next treasure.
  • Antique Arcade Token – When you’re on a boat, check the shelf in the middle of this vehicle.

Chapter 6

  • Mughal Water Container –  A few seconds into this chapter, on top of a cliff.
  • Nephrite Brass Cup – Look for the citrus trees, resting on the window of a building.
  • Viking Cloak Clasp – When Nathan is at the gala, turn around from where you start and go into the room behind you to see the shelf sitting on a treasure.
  • Mother of Peal Horn – On the balcony near the Viking Cloak Clasp treasure, check the right side.
  • Persian Bronze Bowl – In the pantry, which you can access after stealing a keycard from a waiter. Look behind the crate to the left of the exit.
  • Brass Barber’s Bowl – Go downstairs after leaving the pantry, where the treasure can be seen at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Syrian Vase – Crawl through the air vents until you hit a section of the garden that has locked gates. Jump down the railing on the left, climb a ladder to hit the rooftop and you’ll spot the treasure.
  • Persian Candlestick –  Also on the balcony, but you’re going to want to make a save-game backup because if you miss the jump you’ll be properly stuck.
  • Mughal Dagger – After Nathan drops into a dark and muddy area, swing across the pole and scale the cliff. The treasure can be found on the ledge.

Chapter 8

  • Redware and Silver Jug Flask – Head up the hill to the left when the chapter starts, and check the snow.
  • Bronze Boar – From the first treasure pick-up, go down the hill and go inside the small cave by the cliffside.
  • Carved Wood Kashkul – After defeating the first wave of enemies, drop down the small hill. Walk down and check the ledge on the right side of the cliff.
  • Carved Nut Bottle – Same area, but you’ll need some dynamite to blow open two doors and push a yellow crate. Climb the crate, destroy the boxes in your way and check for the treasure in the cave.
  • Traveling Inkwell with Seal – Slide down some gravel in this area, use the pole to cross a chasm and drop down onto a ledge to find another antiquity.
  • Carved Ivory Vanitas – At the top of the hill, slide down the left and jump across with the rope until you reach the locked gate. Climb the wall to the left, to find the treasure on in front of the statue.
  • Scottish Ha’Penny – In the catacombs, left of the three crucifixes.
  • Slipjoint Clasp Knife – Outside of the catacombs, open the graveyard gate and enter. Past the enemies, the treasure is in a cave.
  • Pewter Singing Bird Box – Same area as the previous treasure, in the upper part of the cave.
  • Tortoise Shell Snuff Box – After Sam pulls you onto the cliff, backtrack down the left side until you reach a platform.
  • Persian Tailoring Scissors – Cross the wooden beams that are positioned over the pirate ship and look for the staircase in front of you. Below it in the corner lies the treasure.

Chapter 9

  • Lantern Mounted Flintlock – Once the chapter starts, go down the path and turn around until you reach a small cave.
  • Strange Pendant – After the wheel puzzle, jump down the cliff on the right side and swing to the platform with a skeleton on it.
  • Amatory Box – Go back the way you came from the last treasure and rope swing down to an area in front of you. Check the left side for a wall you can climb down until you reach a ledge.
  • Pewter Box – After the Nadine cutscene, you’ll be in an area with a broken nun statue. Behind lies the treasure.
  • Memento Mori Skull Watch – Climb the wall after the part of the level where you have to push a crate. Climb down to the right and you’ll find the treasure in a nearby ledge.
  • Scottish Tipstaff – At the broken bridge, attach your rope to the box on the right side and pull yourself up, with the treasure laying amidst some wooden items in the corner.

Chapter 10

Last Updated: May 10, 2016


  1. Treasure? Im too busy appreciating all the assets they used like reflection in mirrors, crumpled up sheets, NO CUT AND PASTE, and CRASH BANDICOOT 😛

    THIS GAME IS SO FCUKING FANTASTIC. I have never seen so much attention to detail, its like they went out of their way to show off to all the other developers.



    • Francois Knoetze

      May 11, 2016 at 15:00

      Stop writing praise!!It makes an office worker such as myself shed tears of Joy/sadness. They are soaking into my keyboard as I am staring at my collectors edition that arrived this morning and I can’t play till Friday 🙁


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