Uncharted 4 listed by online retailer

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Many are wondering what magic PlayStation developer Naughty Dog will work on the PlayStation 4, following their incredible The Last of Us on the PS3. Many are hoping, naturally, for it be the next game in Nathan Drake’s Saga, Uncharted 4. And it very well could be.

While there’s been no official mention of the game anywhere, the German arm of games retailer Gamestop (via Pcgamer.de) has the game listed in what’s very likely a simple placeholder; though it’s worth asking why there’s a need for a placeholder in the first place.

Neither Sony or Naughty dog have said anything of note about Uncharted 4;though Naughty dog has posted job info looking for people to work on a “next gen” project, and most recently, Lost star Dominic Monaghan may have let slip that Uncharted 4 was a thing.

I have no doubt that the game is currently in pre-production at the very least by one of the studios under Sony’s umbrella – but I hope it’s not Naughty Dog; I’d prefer they started doing more original IP work if the Last of Us is anything to go by. I have to admit to growing less fond of Nathan drake with each adventure.

Last Updated: September 16, 2013

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