Uncharted Movie Casting Rumours Give Me Sadface

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The Uncharted movie is a thing that is happening. David O. Russell (Three Kings Flirting With Disaster and I ♥ Huckabees) Is attached to write and direct the adaptation of the excellent PlayStation 3 action adventure. Many, including Lazygamer and the actor himself have been pretty keen on Nathan Fillion stepping in to the shoes of adventurer Nathan Drake.

Recent casting rumours have pegged another actor as the lead – and it’s a choice that’ll leave many gamers scratching their heads, wondering “why?” Those same rumours do have a positive though, which I’ll touch on first.

Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro have been rumoured to be reuniting for the Uncharted film. The duo have appeared together in a host of films, including Raging Bull ,Casino, Once Upon a Time in America, A Bronx Tale, and the legendary Goodfellas – and could team up again for the adaptation. There’s no word on who exactly they might play, but DeNiro would actually make a pretty amazing Scully – although I’d prefer the role went to Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell.

That’s the good bit. The rest is a little disheartening, to say the least. That same rumour attaches Mark Wahlberg to the project – ostensibly in the lead role. I take it nobody in production actually saw “Max Payne,” then?

It gets worse. The story apparently involves antique dealers in New York. According to the rumour “Right now, the script is being composed from scratch. Word is the actual video game didn’t have much there aside from a concept and a name.”

I don’t think anyone wanted to watch a film redundantly based entirely on the stories from the games, but I’d like it to have a little more in common with the game than just “a concept and a name.”

If you had any hopes that this would be the one to destroy the poor reputation that videogame to film adaptations have, you may need to abandon it. There’s always hope though that Uwe Boll makes “Postal 2,” right? Right?

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Last Updated: November 15, 2010

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