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Uncharted trilogy hitting PS4 on 30 September?

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Uncharted trilogy

I am a big part of the problem when it comes to remastered games. I know we should be encouraging studios to make news games, but there are plenty of remastered games (particularly trilogies) that I would happily buy if and when they come to new consoles. Uncharted is one of them, and it might be here in time for the holidays.

According to a Swiss retailer (thanks Destructoid) who has subsequently removed the listing, a remastered collection of the Uncharted Trilogy will be coming to PS4 on 30 September 2015. It’s all totally a rumor and could have just been a placeholder, but the timing does make sense.

The new Uncharted has been delayed into next year. For many of those new to the PlayStation family, they won’t know the joy that is the Uncharted Trilogy. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to ride Drake’s scarf through the holiday season and be excited for the new game’s launch in 2016. And that, my friends, is the purpose of these remasters. Old fans of the franchise might replay bits and pieces, but it’s really all about indoctrinating those people who missed out the first time around. It works, too – you must see how Sandy has become a Nintendo fanboy thanks to all the Zelda remasters on 3DS.

Are you a part of the problem like I am? I want this remaster, as well as one for Mass Effect. Or are you so tired of remasters and just hoping the new games will live up to expectations?

Last Updated: April 10, 2015

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