Overgrowth Developers Show Us What Real Community Love Is

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Now here is a fine of example of a developer truly going out of their way to capture the hearts of their followers.

Some developers are pretty good at dealing with the community, some hold everything back and do little to try and answer any of their questions. But then, there are developers like Wolfire, that go as far as to even cater to ridiculously strange requests from their community members.

How strange? How about actually delivering, when a fan asks that a specific question be answered by a specific member of the team, dressed in a kilt and expressed in the form of dance.

Yes, they really did it. Video after the jump.

[Thanks Aequitas for the tip]

Here is the video. They have shown their awesomeness, now do them a favor and at least go and visit their website for their efforts. Click here to do so.

Last Updated: August 12, 2009

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