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Unreal Engine is now entirely free.. well nearly

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The Unreal Engine from Epic has powered what feels like the majority of big hitting titles over the last 8 years and now Epic have made the not-so-surprising decision to stop selling the product and rather just give it away.

In the world of freemium games I guess it’s no surprise that other software will start taking the same line and give away their product with the goal of recouping the money in other ways in the longer term.

For Epic the catch really isn’t much of a catch. You can download the engine and the entire source code plus a wide variety of assets such as environments, characters, weapons and many more for absolutely nothing. You can use all the assets for as long as you like without paying anything and the only time you will hand Epic any cash what so ever is if you release something commercially and it manages to gross over $3000 per product, per quarter.

So you have to be profitable before you pay Epic a cent and then once you are breaking that level you only have to pay Epic 5% royalty on the gross revenue. Maybe there is some funny financial magic happening here but to me that seems like an incredible deal and a very smart move by Epic.

I’ve downloaded the launcher now and I’m hoping to be releasing the next gen block buster, Lagz of War, to resounding success next year.

So if you want to try it out just head over to the Unreal Engine site and click the big blue button in the top right corner… it took me 3 pages to find that button.

Last Updated: March 3, 2015

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