Valentine’s Day goes horribly wrong in new Until Dawn trailer

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Until Dawn this blonde must die

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I hear that many couples love it, especially if it includes a romantic weekend away. Until Dawn actually starts that way, but then takes a rather different turn. And here I thought being stuck in a cabin with a bunch of other couples was the scariest thing I could imagine.

Here is the V-day trailer:

The trailer is quite cool, although it’s this part of the description from the blog post about it that gets my attention.

Choice is a central tenet of Until Dawn. Your actions not only determine who lives or dies, but will also directly influence the relationships between the characters (romantic or otherwise). You will even influence how characters react to each other. If you are mean to a friend, they may or may not choose to save you later in the game. The narrative will always continue forward, adapting to your decisions throughout the game – meaning that your game will be noticeably different from anyone else’s.

Choose your own death games are always appealing to me, and I like the idea that being nice like I usually am in games will pay off. Of course, people who are absolutely cruel and awful to everyone in games, like Darryn, will die in horrible ways. It’s a cool concept although I’ll believe it when I see it – far too often games like these just end up feeling shallow. They say choices matter but in the end we all have the same core experience. Let’s hope that they really follow through on this. Oh, and they have to kill the non-virgin blond first, right? We all know this law from horror movies.

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Last Updated: February 16, 2015

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