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Valorant’s new stealthy agent has been leaked

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While Valorant might not have been the Counter-Strike killer everyone expected it to be, that hasn’t stopped the game from chugging on at a very respectable rate thanks to its dedicated fans. The game’s current season is a week off from wrapping up so you all know what that means: It’s time for a new agent to be leaked.

Such is the case with most games of this ilk, as Valorant has had its 14th Agent leaked to the world and Yoru sounds like he means business. Or rather, he doesn’t sound like anything at all. The new agent is all about stealth and trickery, which I’m sure will result in more than a few angry mouse smashes everyone once in a while.

So what’s Yoru capable of? The two most important skills he brings into the fray include the ability to produce fake footsteps to throw enemies off his location and he can turn himself completely invisible. From what I understand this isn’t one of those silly shimmer invisibilities so often used in games that never actually work because they’re painfully obvious, this is full-on see-through mode.

His “X” ability is a flashbang of sorts with a range that I thought was very impressive and he’s also blessed with the power of teleportation. Yoru can place a portal on the ground and then whisk himself away to it when he’s in trouble.  If you want to check out his abilities for yourself, check out the above video. It also gives players a better idea of what they may be able to expect from the battle pass but it’s very limited in scope in that regard.

Act 4, Valorant’s next season, is expected to kick if in a week or two and will bring with it Yoru and a new battle pass for the season. While Yoru certainly looks to be a powerful new addition to the game, much like any stealth focused character one has to imagine that the skill floor is especially high, with his abilities being fairly difficult to master. Having said that, the skill ceiling for such a high utility character is probably pretty high too so seeing Valorant pros get their hands on him should be a load of fun.

Last Updated: January 5, 2021

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