Valve are bringing past Team Fortress 2 events back for Halloween

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Even though we don’t explicitly celebrate Halloween here in South Africa, I still look forward to it each year. Why? Simply because many developers take it upon themselves to release themed content for their games, which I always appreciate. Just yesterday for example, Blizzard unleashed a whole new excellent PvE mode for Overwatch, along with some amazing new loot (skins, sprays, etc).

Valve have been doing the same with Team Fortress 2 for ages now – they always put out something special for their shooter. They’re not doing that this year though because, well, apparently they’re too busy with other content (via VG247):

Awooo, folks! It’s almost that time of year again: Halloween. Normally that’d mean we’d be putting the final touches on our annual Halloween event, but this year we’re working on something even better: an all-new Pyro Pack, improvements to Comp Mode, and a big new update and campaign.

That’s a legit excuse I think. It sounds like Valve have a lot of content in the pipeline for Team Fortress 2. A new campaign? I’m interested to see what that’s all about.

Don’t worry, they aren’t skipping Halloween entirely. Every previous Scream Fortress event is making a return to the shooter!

But that doesn’t mean Halloween’s cancelled. Next week, as always, every past Scream Fortress event will rise from the dead to terrorize your computers for a limited, horrifying time, including last year’s Merasmissions. We’ll also be shipping some community Halloween maps, all-new custom contracts for those maps, a new Halloween taunt, a new item that gives unusual effects to taunts, and a new cosmetics case!

With Overwatch out and about now, do people still play Team Fortress 2? I’ve not touched the game for years myself to be honest.

Those who continue to play it at least have some themed content to look forward to. Granted, it isn’t really anything new, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Last Updated: October 13, 2016

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