Valve hardware engineer Ellsworth gets the shaft

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Okay, so, maybe she didn’t really get completely screwed, but we wouldn’t know would we? Because after hardware engineer Jeri Ellsworth tweeted about getting fired, nothing has been said about why.

Ellsworth was working on some next-gen hardware for Valve in the Steam Big Picture team, bringing PC gaming to lounges all over the world, because no one’s ever actually just put a couch in front of their PC and connected a wireless controller. That would just be silly and has never been thought of before. Anyway! Back to the actual story here. Ellsworth tweeted this early this morning:


It’s Ellsworth’s last day on the job today, no doubt this lady will find another job though. She’s got 15 years experience in all phases of electrical and mechanical engineering. Oh and did I mention she’s a hacker? Of course I didn’t. Let the “wow chicks can hack!” comments begin!

Last Updated: February 13, 2013

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  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    She looks cu-rah-zee

    • AndriyP

      Maybe its because she likes to drink a lot…judging from her hand signs

  • Deon Steyn

    Maybe she got fired because she dressed that way to work? Wait….. whats happening… SHE’S HACKING ME!

  • kapew

    “brining PC” “Ellswortj”

  • FoxOneZA

    Hardware Rule 1: “You gotta get hard for the wares”

    • The Lying Dutchman

      The obvious question is: Why is a hardware expert working for a software company? Maybe they were too soft for her. Maybe they just didn’t like the way she made a sammich.

  • caponeil

    I thought all female hackers looked like Angelina!! uhhmmm maybe not!

    • Banana Jim

      Or Sandra Bullock in that god-awful flick, the Net…

      • caponeil

        You just couldn’t resist!

        • Banana Jim

          What kind of a person would I be if I didn’t share the best scene in the movie?

          • Mikhil

            I was about to up your pic of Sandra Buttock with the Angelina Jolie Hackers flash scene.gif . Do. Not. Enter. That. As. A. Search. Query….not at work anyway.

  • Decembermaloy

    The “why” would be important, but the idiots will nerd-rage nonetheless…

  • Banana Jim

    Damn! Judging by the downvotes, Ellsworth’s minions are clad in white armour…. (Don’t downvote me, white knight trolls).

    I guess she was expecting it because her tweet doesn’t seem to indicate that it came out of nowhere. But who knows? Recession years… it’s so easy to get retrenched these days. She might have just been unlucky, or her office was downsizing or maybe she made the mistake of eating Gabe’s donuts.

    • FoxOneZA

      There’s always place available for her over at Ouya. Think about it… Ex-Head designer of Xbox and L337 Chick from Valve gets together forming a formidable partnership in the gaming world.

      • Banana Jim

        That’s true, so I doubt she’ll be without a job for long.

    • Will

      I think she would have said retrenched then, not fired.

      • Banana Jim

        Then I suppose she did eat Gabe’s donuts. Never eat the Boss’ donuts!

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Must not make sammich joke! Must not!

    Ok jokes aside she seems like she was a) either expecting it or b) is one of those lucky people who just bounce back no matter what and always do it with a smile. I am jealious of such people

  • Wrong post.

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