Valve Makes Portal 2 Official – Out In 2010

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The speculation is over, Valve have officially announced Portal 2.

This announcement has not come as a big surprise to many thanks to a fantastic teaser campaign by Valve that has led up to the announcement and already generated a great deal of hype.

So when’s it out, and what’s it going to be available on? Information after the jump.

I’ve summarised the info for you, here you go.

  • According to the report from Eurogamer, Portal is scheduled for release in the holiday season of 2010, which obviously means end of the year (rumoured to be October 26).
  • The game will be available for Xbox 360 and PC, with the Playstation 3 once again being left out of Valve land.
  • The game will no longer serve as some sort of addition, but will be sold at full retail price as a standalone game.
  • It also seems as though Portal 2 is going to feature a separate co-operative campaign and I can already see those puzzles getting pretty hardcore. Valve reckons you will have to not only play co-operatively, but think co-operatively as well.
  • Will feature new and old characters
  • GLaDOS is back

I’m excited to see where the franchise goes next. We’ll give you more details as soon as we get them.

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Sources: XboxGaming, Eurogamer & Kotaku

Last Updated: March 6, 2010

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