Valve offering refunds for From Dust

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Did you buy Ubisoft’s From Dust via Valve? Did you think it wouldn’t have any always on DRM? Are you now pissed that it does?

Well then take life into your own hands here and demand a refund for your game.

This is what a large portion of gamers are doing right now by clicking here and filling in the form and explaining why you want a refund.

I don’t think the major problem here is that Ubisoft has included always on DRM in From Dust but rather that someone, Ubisoft or Valve, lied about it and now a few people out there are rightly angry that the product they legally paid for isn’t what was promised.

I also disagree with always on DRM as I often play single player games while away from an Internet connection and there is nothing more frustrating than being told you are a possible pirate simply because you are either on holiday or Telkom has killed your ADSL again.


Last Updated: August 19, 2011

Gavin Mannion

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