Valve share details on custom games for Dota 2

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Last week, Valve announced that Dota 2 is getting reborn with a major overhaul to its interface and engine, and the inclusion of custom games. They’ve now shed more light on the latter, which is probably the part of the new update that fans are looking forward to most.

Are you excited for custom game support? I sure am! Here’s the trailer and blurb from the official announcement:

Custom Games are new experiences that are created by the community, and playable within Dota 2. These games can be anything from a grand brawl between ten Invokers, to a story-driven dungeon adventure, to something creative that no one has seen before. For us, Custom Games represent a continuation of the tradition that gave birth to Dota, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. We’d like to build an ecosystem where you can experience something new every time you launch Dota 2.

Ten Invokers? Don’t make me laugh. As seen in the trailer above, we all know that people are looking forward to playing some classic Pudgies more than anything else.

In all seriousness though, I’m super happy Valve are including custom games with their overhaul. As they’ve said above, many of their games actually spawned from mods for other games. How cool would be if we saw a new genre or franchise spawn from a custom Dota 2 map? The circle would then be complete!

Valve will be kicking off the custom game shenanigans with a map of their own. It’s called Overthrow. Here’s how it works and what it looks in action:

Don’t have time for a full round of Dota? Overthrow is a quick fight to the death in a small team free-for-all as players try to earn enough kills to win the match before the timer expires. Gather a friend or two, or go it alone as you stalk near the Midas Throne, which increases the gold and experience gains of nearby heroes. Snatch Gold Coins as they appear, or head out to claim an item delivery.

Another Valve-authored game mode will be arriving in the coming weeks. You’re welcome to look through our files to learn how these Custom Games were built, or use them as a starting point for your own creation.

There’s still one announcement to be made by the end of the week, when this new overhaul patch hits beta. I’m personally hoping that when Valve talk about the changes to their engine, they discuss how netcode has been improved too.

Other MOBAs like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm are fantastic examples of smooth running, lag-free code. I hope Valve can follow their example.Even if they don’t, I’m keen to see what new changes they’re implementing in the new engine.

I haven’t been this excited about Dota 2 in a very long time (believe it or not). What about you? Are you looking forward to the major overhaul?

Last Updated: June 17, 2015

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