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Vehicular battle royal game Notmycar coming to Steam Early Access April 5

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Hey, let me hit with you with a hot take: Walking kinda sucks. Hotter take: Running is even worse. How about the hottest take of them all: Running whilst adorned with piles of body armour and medical supplies whilst wielding heavy firearms as well as enough bullets to punch through a lead-lined safe is the worst. I know you all agree with me, so please hold the tweets, but that last one is a core part of many battle royale games, which you may have noticed, people seem kind of hot on right now. Well if all the walking and running in games like PUBG, Fornite and Apex: Legends (although there are ziplines in that, forgive me) is something that really gets you down, it looks like notmycar is the game for you.


It’s a battle royale game where you get dropped out of a plane as a wheel machine stuck together with bullet machines. What I’m saying is that this a game where you’ll be going up against cars with a variety of weapons such as shotguns, missile launchers and railguns strapped to the chassis in your own customisable speedwagon of death. To be honest, it seems like an obvious fit that I’m surprised no-one else has thought of. The combination of a destruction derby with a battle royale sounds, and you’ll have to forgive me language here, cheek-slappingly good. What’s even better, is that it’ll be free to play. No details yet on what sort of monetisation will be implemented by Skybound Games, but it is expected to have an early access development cycle of about six months after its April 5 launch and will remain free after its full release.


The final build of the game is promising game modes beyond a battle royale as well as 75-100 player matches and an additional 10km sized map to Dukes of Hazard it out on. Thank you, to commenters who got that. I won’t be here all week, unfortunately.


Beyond the boisterous and brash trailer, NotMyCar (the actual name of the game, it’s not my keyboard being passive aggressive towards my vigorous finger slaps) seems like a genuinely fun time and given the right attention to detail, content and balance could be the Mad Max game of our dreams. Which we already got in 2015, but that’s a story for another day…

Last Updated: March 19, 2019

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