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The Vermillion Problem is the next co-op mission coming to StarCraft II

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The Vermillion Problem StarCraft II

I’ve been dabbling with StarCraft II’s co-op missions again lately, thanks largely to the new Abathur DLC. As fun as the new commander is to play though, I find that the same issue I’ve had with the mode before has sprung up again –  lack of variety of missions.

Don’t get me wrong, a good few were shipped with Legacy of the Void from the get-go, and more have been added since. It’s just that after a while, after playing them all a good few times, fatigue sets in I guess, and I yearn for something fresh.

Thankfully, Blizzard are shipping a new map in the near future that’ll mix things up a little once more. It’s called The Vermillion Problem, and it contains a familiar face from the very first part of the StarCraft II trilogy – Wings of Liberty.

We’re turning up the heat on co-op mode in an upcoming patch with our newest map, The Vermillion Problem! This map will feature UNN news anchor Donny Vermillion as the announcer (who was recently rehabilitated following his peanut butter episode).

In addition to a new announcer, the map will also feature a lava mechanic based on Devil’s Playground from Wings of Liberty. Similar to past single-player missions adapted into co-op maps, The Vermillion Problem has also changed in terms of layout and mechanics from the map that inspired it.

How exactly will the Vermillion Problem work though? The original was designed specifically for Terran because they could fly their command centre to safety whenever the lava decided to rise. How will the other races manage? Game Designer Adam Levy shared his insights in the announcement post.

For the original map, the focus was on gathering a specific amount of resources before the AI. Since it was a Terran map, there were lots of minerals on the low ground, and you could take your Command Center airborne in order to move your base around when the lava was active.

The protoss and zerg don’t work as well with that mechanic, so we adapted the map to have a greater mix of high and low ground, rather than mostly low ground. We still wanted to have workers gathering things, though, because we felt that was part of the fun of the map. We just removed the element of gameplay where you’re actually spending time mining resources.

Rad! I lava’d that mission (I’ll show myself out) back in Wings of Liberty, so I look forward to playing it again with a friend. What about you? Are you excited to play this new co-op mission? Are you happy to see the return of Donny Vermillion?

Last Updated: June 9, 2016

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