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Video Advertising coming to a loading screen near you

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I have said on many occasions that I am not against in game advertising and in my opinion bailing over broken Coca Cola Billboards and shooting up political adverts on TV’s would make a game feel more realistic so I am all for it.

However what I am not for is advertising interrupting the gameplay in any way or extending the loading times to ensure that the entire video ad is played.

This was tried earlier this year with WipeOut HD and that decision was met with mass condemnation until the adverts were removed. So when I hear that Massive, the ingame advertising company, are planning on introducing video ads into our loading screens I get a little nervous.

Loading screens should be used to mission briefings or to move a story line along and hearing Captain Price tell me about his conspiracy theories while listening to an OMO jingle would kind of kill the mood.

However having an advert run while I am in a multiplayer lobby listening to idiotic children whine could be a welcome break.

Source: Kokugamer

Last Updated: November 11, 2009

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