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Video Comparison: Ps3 Uncharted 2 vs Ps3 Uncharted 2

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No, the headline isn’t a mistake. Sony’s PS3, unlike the Xbox 360, doesn’t have a built-in hardware scaler. This means that when a game is running at a higher than native resolution on the PS3 it has to rely on software scaling, and the scaler in the television. This can sometimes have a significant performance hit – which can account for the performance difference between 360 and PS3 games when up-scaled to 1080p from 720p.

Eurogamer’s Digital foundry has done a video comparison of Uncharted 2 running at its native 720p, and at an up-scaled 1080p to see if there was any sort of performance hit.

So what was the result? Does the game perform any worse when running at the higher resolution? Not ONE bit, proving that Naughty Dog really are one of the premier PS3 development teams. I can’t really wait much longer for this game.

Check the videos out at Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 21, 2009

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