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In the days before the internet, much fabrication was proliferated in school playgrounds across the globe. Most of the information about video games and the cheats, secrets and Easter eggs contained therein was spread via print magazines and word of mouth – and kids being kids, a portion of it was outright lies – mere childhood fantasy – perpetuated through “Chinese Whispers”

Probably the most infamous of these -  created by EGM for an April edition of their magazine – is one detailing both the existence of, and method to fight Sheng Long in Street Fighter II.

Somebody it seems, has a fondness for this misinformation, and has created the Video Game Lies Wiki, where you can read about the deceit that had you duped in your youth.
It’s fairly new and thus not quite exhaustive, but should provide an entertaining read for long-time gamers.

You can find the Video Game lies Wiki here

Let us know if you’d been fooled by any of these in your gaming infancy.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: March 4, 2009

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