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Video games will turn you homosexual

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Okay try stay with me here because I’m getting a little bit confused as well. There is a popular American blog called Modern Woman Digest which posted up an article entitled “How video games are turning your children into homosexuals”.

Now before we go into that nonsense I need to point out that this article was posted by a female writer who goes by the name Adora Bull, I truly hope that’s a pseudonym, and Ms Adora lives with her hetrosexual life partner Janet. Yes this lady who is so terrified of homosexuality that she sees it in video games lives with a same-gender life partner… lady it’s time to come out of the closet. Janet most probably needs some loving.

Anyway back to her laughable point which I found to be quite interesting as she is complaining about the same industry that is so often characterised as sexist and that only objectifies women.

Some key points on why the video game industry will turn your child into a homosexual. 

gays_beach_original“Let’s look at the timeline and facts. Video games, as well as homosexuality, have been around for a while. Video games, as well as homosexuality, was an invention of the early 20th century, although video games, as well as homosexuality, only started to become popular and socially acceptable in the late 1970s. Do you see any coincidences yet?”

I take it this lady hasn’t read her bible, or looked at nature in general  in a while as homosexuality existed a long time before the 20th century

“While slightly off-topic from the subject of video games, allow me also take this time to add in, a large majority of serial killers were also homosexuals.”

Slightly off topic? And total nonsense

“Sports games such as Football and Soccer. Do you really expect me to believe that these games are geared towards teaching our children how to play sports better, how to be healthy competitors, and encouraging them to stay fit? There’s nothing more homosexual than watching a bunch of men in tights running around wrestling with each other for some balls. It’s even worse that these children are forced to play the game with a viewing perspective of their character’s buttocks the whole time. I find it incredibly hard to believe that the developers of these games did not know what they were doing when they made their characters overly muscular while wearing tight little shorts like seen in the attached photos. Not only does it encourage homosexuality, but it also encourages cross-dressing.

lesbiandrawingI stayed with her while she went on about watching the men in tight shorts and looking at buttocks as I know quite a fair number of ladies who watch Rugby for that exact reason, But for the love of all things holy how does American Football encourage cross dressing?

“This may seem harmless (online play), and good for their social skills, but it is actually quite dangerous. Most people who gravitate towards these games (MMO’s) are sexual predators, many of them being pedophiles (sic) specifically. These dirty men will make girly looking characters and attempt to engage in lewd activities with whomever they can, something that has come to be known in the online community as “cyber sexing.””

So if you play MMO’s you are likely to be at best a sexual predator and at worst a paedophile, that’s a lot of sexual predators in this world with World of Warcraft last reporting a 7.6 million-strong player base.

This wonderful lady with the lightest of grips on reality then finishes off with:

“My advice to you is, keep your children away from video games at all cost. It is a clear tool for the Homosexual agenda, in which to recruit new members to their “team.” They think they’re clever and not being noticed, going after the young and impressionable, before they’ve really had a chance to realize what sexuality is, and to brainwash them into believing that they’re gay and it’s okay. It’s time to take a stand, parents. It’s time to tell the Gay Agenda, NO! You cannot have my child.”

lesbiansMy advice to Ms Bull is to stop writing about things that you have absolutely no understanding of. Also seriously you need to go and have a real chat with Janet as I’m sure she could offer you some options to free yourself from the binds that you have strapped yourself down with.

And yes I did write this article so I could post pictures of (probably fake) lesbians, but to be fair we have hot guys who are also likely not to be gay in the post so we are pandering to our entire audience.

We got suckered; It seems this came from one f those parody sites. on the internet. Our bad. 

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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