Video heads analyse Bioshock 2 – PS3 comes up short

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2K Games have released some high quality screenshots from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of their upcoming title Bioshock 2, you can see all these images over at Gamersyde.

So upon seeing this the videophiles over Beyond3D have set about analysing them to see which version is superior and apparently the 360 takes it by quite a margin… or 40p.

MazingerDUDE had this to say

“680p for the PS3
720p for the 360
No AA, but with the slight blur filter for both
I guess they’re using the same engine as the previous game”

Now I have no idea how he can see that from static screenshots but there you go, the first comparison has landed firmly in the Xbox 360’s court. Let’s see if the PS3 can fight back closer to the release.

I did notice that neither are coming in at the magical 1080p though, is it safe to say yet that 720p is what the general population considers High Definition and 1080p is never really going to hit mainstream… or not in this generation at least.

Last Updated: April 27, 2009

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