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Viscera Cleanup Detail mops out of Early Access

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Viscera Cleanup Detail

Viscera Cleanup Detail has the ridiculous mix of genius premise and zen-like gameplay that combine into a morbidly hilarious game. Made right here in South Africa, it has become something of a Steam phenomenon, selling gloriously well and getting a ton of favourable feedback. Now it has emerged from Early Access and it’s a must own for anyone who would rather clean a virtual world than their own home.

The premise of Viscera Cleanup Detail is simple and simply perfect:

Disaster! An alien invasion and subsequent infestation have decimated this facility. Many lives were lost, the facility was ruined and the aliens were unstoppable. All hope was lost until one survivor found the courage to fight back and put the aliens in their place!

It was a long and horrific battle as the survivor dueled with all manner of terrifying life-forms and alien mutations, but our hero won out in the end and destroyed the alien menace! Humanity was saved!

Unfortunately, the alien infestation and the heroic efforts of the courageous survivors have left rather a mess throughout the facility. As the janitor, it is your duty to get this place cleaned up.

So grab your mop and roll up your sleeves, this is gonna be one messy job.

Today, you’re on Viscera Cleanup Detail!

That’s right, you know all that gore you left behind in your favourite game? You know how much fun it was smashing that guy’s skull with your radioactive hammer so that contaminated piece of brain and gore spread all over the place? Well, you can’t just abandon the place forever – someone has to go in and clean it all up. And in Viscera Cleanup Detail, you are that someone. First person mopping has never been this ludicrously hilarious.

I am so proud of these guys for making such a fun and unique game, and I hope that it gets brought to Mac and consoles soon – I could see myself losing far too many hours in the zen relaxation of cleaning up alien gore. Now I just need for them to collaborate with all my other favourite game developers so that I could clean up all the places where I’ve wrought death and destruction on a massive scale. Who knew consequences could be such fun?

Last Updated: October 26, 2015


  1. Michael Matusowsky

    October 26, 2015 at 22:40

    I have the santa rampage version of the game. IGN 10/10 would clean again.


    • Juan

      October 28, 2015 at 08:50



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