Visceral Games is NOT making the new Command & Conquer – Boo!

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Well it turns out that initial reports of Visceral Games being handed the reins to the C&C franchise were wrong. Electronic Arts has since piped up to correct the news that circulated earlier this week.

A new Command & Conquer is still coming however. Who is making it? EA Los Angeles. Is that a good thing? Well that’s open for debate seeing as how they were responsible for the most recent Command & Conquer 4. Whether it’s the exact same dev team behind the next C&C is not clear.

The initial news resulted in some pretty good feedback from people, and websites that reported Visceral taking over C&C had a lot of positive comments from readers. It’s a pity this handover was never the case to begin with; Visceral surely would have been able to do something a little fresh and exciting despite the franchise being quite removed from their genre comfort zone.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: October 21, 2010

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