Visit the East with this latest Humble Bundle

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Humble Bundle is all sorts of trouble. Loads of games for discounted prices? Absurd! My backlog is big enough thank you very much!

Still, you may have a few dollars lying around, or an empty gaming library that needs filling. Say hello to this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition. Under normal circumstances, these games would cost $67 in total. Thanks to Humble Bundle, you can help yourself to a handful of them for as little as $1

Check out the official blurb from the site:

Here is a bundle of games from Japan and a promise that we will keep weeaboo tendencies to a minimum. With a lineup like this, it becomes difficult to be obsessed with anything else. Pay what you want for Unholy Heights, One Way Heroics and GIGANTIC ARMY DRM-free. Pay $6 or more to also get Ys Origin,Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae and PixelJunk Shooter. If you pay $10 or more, you’ll get everything plus Astebreed.

Don’t forget that you can choose to donate some of your contribution to charity. Proceeds from this sale will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation as well as Child’s Play. If you happened to miss the Square Enix bundle last week, you can still pick it up right here for $29.99.

(August 8, 2014

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