Wait a minute…GTA V’s going to cost how much?

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If there’s a single franchise whose games cause the world to fly in to a frenzy – whether they’re in to gaming or not, it’s Grand Theft Auto. The game’s coming some time next year – but if you’re in South Africa, expect to pay a heck of a lot for it.

We spotted the chaps from Gevaaalik.com (Do. Not. Ask) moaning about the pre-order price for Grand Theft Auto V – a game whose release date isn’t yet even set in stone. Yet, having a look at Kalahari.com, it’s quite plainly on pre-order for a rather disquieting R753.95. (USD86, GBP54, EUR67)

That can’t be right though, can it? Sure the global economy is in the toilet, and the R/$ exchange has probably worsened since I started typing this, but we can’t be expected to pay over R750 for a damned game, can we?

We reached out to Megarom, the game’s local distributor for some lovely, contrary words to calm us down. Their response sent the blood out of our faces, and left us feeling cold.

“Rockstar have provided gamers with top pedigree of gaming franchises, the pricing reflects a tremendous amount of effort, quality and value that consumers will receive on their final purchase of the product. Exchange rates also have a major influence on our pricing structures, should the current exchange rate favour us closer to release, it may then be possible to bring the pricing down,”

Megarom’s Devon Stanton told us in an official statement, also letting us know that the game will actually have a recommended retail price of R799 (USD92, GBP57, EUR71)

Now some of you, who’re privy to the retailer scheduler information will be pointing fingers, saying “Ha! I told you so!.” It’s not that we didn’t believe you – we get those same schedules – but that we’d been hoping that those hefty prices were purely for planning. It seems not – and we’ll soon be paying that premium price for premium games. The worst of it is that afterwards, you won’t be able to beat the store guy up and take your money back.

Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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