Wallace and Gromit to Invade Xbox Live Arcade

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Telltale Games have announced that they will be bringing Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventure to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Also available on PC, the highly anticipated Wallace & Gromit will be the company’s first foray in to XBLA.

Looking to retain the chram and humour of the incredibly detailed clay-animated show, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures will see a monthly episodic release. The game will have you alternating between the roles of eccentric Lancastrian inventor Wallace and his faithful, somewhat more grounded companion Gromit, allowing you to interact with fun and endearing characters in each episode. And quite possibly with cheese. Wensleydale, preferably.

This will be the first of Telltale’s episodic games to feature a controller specific control scheme – all previous games have used a point and click interface.

Source : 1up

Last Updated: February 5, 2009

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