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Want to be in a videogame forever? Here’s how

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So one of your life goals was to create that awesome video game that took over the world and made you the envy of CliffyB but then life happened and now you’re stuck in a stinking office without a clue on how to achieve your goals.

Well sorry about that… but we have some good news that may help. We know how you can get your name into a computer game and onto the credits and you’ll be supporting the local gaming industry at the same time.

Local (international award winning) game developers QCF design are nearing the end of their development cycle for Desktop Dungeons and have announced a clever little marketing promotion.

If you pre-order exclusive edition of their upcoming title, Desktop Dungeons, you will not only have the awesome game on it’s release but the developers themselves will contact you to see how you would like your name embedded in their game for eternity.

Plus some other stuff but we all know it’s immortality that we all desire and this is as close as you’re ever going to get to it via this site.

So is immortality worth R508.79?

  • You’ll receive the Special Edition of the full game on PC and/or Mac and in-game reference for $100 $75. Save 25%!
  • We’ll contact you during development in order to find a way to include a reference to you in the full game somehow. It might be flavor text on a quest, it might be as the discoverer of a dungeon, that depends on the ideas we have from your info!
  • Special Edition bonus content: Additional Kingdom building, extra challenge quests and a unique character class.
  • Access to the closed beta as soon as it begins.
  • Proof that you’re an indelible part of the Desktop Dungeons mythos via mention in the credits!

Go order your copy now by clicking here

Last Updated: June 2, 2011

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