Want unlimited weapons and money in Dying Light?

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Games are hard. Okay, they’re not really anymore. Most of them either hold your hand or include glitches and exploits to make the game easier. Dying Light, truth be told, has one built in; the secret EXPCalibur sword is one heck of an overpowered weapon. If that sword doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s a pretty simple item duplication exploit – which you can use to get yourself infinite money.

Here’s how it works. You’ll need the melee throw skill – which shouldn’t take you too long to earn.

Equip a valuable weapon, throw it – and then at the same time drop it from your inventory. The game will think you’ve still got the item as you throw it, duplicating it. Pick it up, and repeat the process ad infinitum, until your inventory slots are full. It’s quick and nasty, but it’s one way to get past the grind.

The exploit comes courtesy of GameRanx and YouTuber PowerPyx. Ir currently works on all versions of the game – put possibly not for much longer. Funnily enough the same exploit was available in Dead Island, so it’s seems Techland is not one for learning from its mistakes. Happy Zombie killing!

Last Updated: January 29, 2015

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