Warner Bros Lays off Monolith, Snowblind, Surreal Employees

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It was just yesterday that I was lamenting on the sad number of layoffs to affect the gaming industry last year, and hoping that would be a thing of the past. Seems that may have just been wishful thinking.

25 employees from 3 of Warner Bros. Interactive’s Seattle based studios have been sent their marching orders- The affected studios are Monolith, known most recently for the F.E.A.R series, Snowblind (Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance) and ex-Midway Studio Surreal, who were responsible for The Suffering.

Warner Bros had this to say :

“We are committed to growing Warner Bros. in the game space and will be retaining robust teams in our Seattle studios. We have been moving towards sharing certain resources across the studios and have also been reallocating resources to align talent with our development needs. Unfortunately, we had a few too many resources in certain functions and some positions were eliminated in this process. Our plan is to continually review staffing needs and as future projects evolve we would expect to see the studios grow.”

Thankfully no announced projects in development have been jeopardised by the staffing cuts, but if I learn that Monolith employees were sacked, killing off chances of No One Lives Forever 3, I swear to [insert deity of choice] I will go to Warner Bros. and kick some teeth in.

Source : Shacknews

Last Updated: January 13, 2010

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