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WarZ is being accused of scamming players again

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Well well well this doesn’t look good at all. If you remember back on the 29th of November I posted an article around an ex-moderator of WarZ who accused the company of purposefully banning valid players with the knowledge that these guys would buy more accounts as they are addicted.

His exact words were

“They randomly ban accounts that have a certain amount of time spent playing in-game, knowing they are hooked on the game so they re-buy the game”

Well it seems they have moved on a bit from that and are now leaving honeytraps to catch glitchers in the game and perma-ban them. So for example they’d place a certain piece of loot on top of a building that is impossible to get to and then after a week just ban everyone who picked it up.

The idea is solid but there is a little problem here, the game is buggy and so you can pick up a lot of this loot without glitching or knowing that you are doing something very wrong.

Check out this video

As you can see the player didn’t really break any rules what so ever and while you can say he shouldn’t be getting loot from under the ceiling this sort of thing happens in games all the time and you wouldn’t think twice of doing it yourself.

The official forums have a thread going on about this that has now reached 154 pages and is still growing with this one comment pretty much covering the issue quite well

Dont see how people dont understand or refuse to see the facts…

Legit players got banned period, im sure they banned a lot of hackers and thats great the hackers that got caught good riddance too them, but the issue at hand is the legitimate players who were also banned due to a faulty system.

1.) Bait traps implemented 24-48 hours after 3000+ bans were issued with no warnings no messages. (these bait traps were easily accesible by legit players. The most common link between most people banned was they picked up items from the bait traps, players even reported these loot spawns to the devs and those threads were deleted… why?)

2.) Hacks still work, players are still hacking even using obvious hacks, search youtube/google etc and even livestreams hackers are using the hacks right now and were using them before. People have reported multiple hacking forums laughing at the "random" bans and that they still up and running with no problems (unless they picked up the bait traps)

3.) Devs say that all 3k+ accounts that were banned were checked and double checked by LIVE devs in only a 24-36hour period… Do the math it just doesnt add up… they cant even keep up with the tickets submitted by players in the last 3 days. Many players have yet to get a response.

4.) Players with brand new accounts that had hardly any time played or none at all were also banned.

5.) Players that live streamed all the time were also banned. Friends family etc were banned despite witnesses saying they never used hacks.

6.) Outcrys by the playerbase continue claiming being banned for no reason players who have never been banned in any other game before warz.

7.) Players tested the bait trap system using brand new accounts that ONLY picked up the bait trap items and did nothing else result? they were banned.

8.) Accounts that were banned had little to no player kills at all… REALLY? Players gonna buy hacks just to pve and collect gear? You really believe that??

9.)Devs admitted that they did unfairly ban legit players already and they restored those accounts there IS false positives. They also stated the anti cheat system was only turned on this last week shortly before all the bans started happening.

The anti cheat is a new system a HUMAN developed it will need testing just like they need to test any other thing they implement into the game.

Its highly likely the autoban system associated with the new anticheat system messed up, as of yet we have still not heard a word from the devs or anyone regarding the unfair banning of legitimate players.

Lastly most real hacker wont care about 15$ or having to start over again hell they pay 10-50$ a month just to run there hacks whats another 15$ for a new account? Doesnt make sense that all these people would fight so hard if they were actually hacking.

Its a matter of clearing there names its a matter of principle and thats what it boils down to.
The devs screwed up and now they need to fix it.

Now we don’t really want to accuse a company of scamming their players but two very strong accusations in 2 weeks is very suspicious indeed.

Are you a WarZ player? Do you believe the accusations?

Thanks to local gamer Chris for sending through all this information.

Last Updated: December 18, 2012

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